“Hearts Unbound” is Out

We’ve been waiting to announce this!  “Hearts Unbound” is a new “reader’s theater” Bible study resource made available by our colleagues at the Institute for Welcoming Resources.  Each session celebrates a biblical story of God’s overwhelming, radical love, challenging the binding notions of who’s “in” and “out” in God’s realm.  Read more and get the…

Three More Days

By request, we’ve extended the registration deadline for the “Building an Inclusive Church” workshop in New Paltz, NY May 3&4.  Come and join others who have already signed up from the RCA, PCUSA, ELCA and UMC to learn how to create an open and affirming climate in your congregation!  Register online here by Saturday, April…

Signs of Renewal

In this Easter season of already-accomplished new life, we give thanks for the ever-emerging signs of hope for LGBT inclusiveness in the RCA and the church at large.   We invite you to be an embodiment of that hope in your family, your church, your campus.

New Resource on Scripture

We’ve added a new resource, “Scripture and Moral Discernment,” which was released in January, 2013.  Written by representatives of the four Formula of Agreement denominations, the study seeks to address the things that the four communions hold in common regarding Scripture, including what Scripture says and how it functions.

Online Registration is Up

“Building an Inclusive Church” workshops are scheduled this spring in Metuchen NJ (April 19/20) and New Paltz NY (May 3/4).  RfA trainers will lead these ecumenical opportunities to learn how to widen your congregation’s welcome to LGBT persons, families and allies.  Online or mail-in registration forms are now available through the Institute for Welcoming Resources.

RfA Board to Consider Next Steps

The Room for All Board of Directors will meet in New Brunswick, NJ this weekend for an opportunity to review our beginnings, consider where we have come since 2005, and where we sense the Spirit’s call to future ministry within the RCA.  Thank you to NBTS for providing space for our meeting, and to Dr.…

Thanks for Visiting RfA’s New Site

Thanks are due to all the creative and supportive people “behind the screens” of our new website.  The site was created by Sandy Alexander, Creative Director at  Flexweb Custom Web & Marketing Solutions (www.flexweb.ca) and funded by a grant from the Collegiate Church Corporation of New York City.  Special thanks to Pietr Redlinkski and Beatrice…