The messages by Rev. Thorne were spiritually potent and set a wonderful tone for the conference as a whole. The Saturday worship was so moving to me I cried through most of the congregational singing. The Lord poured mercy and affection on me by the buckets on that day.

The conference was spiritually and intellectually SPECTACULAR and brought me closer to RCA – a historically “reforming” church

The family stories presented were a reminder of how painful it can be to be a church member – even a long time church member — who thinks, believes, and acts differently from the expected status quo understanding of what it means to be a “Christian.”

Loved the retrospective on the RCA and same-sex relationships. It was great to hear the history, but more important to me was the reality of the moment. Two of our most dedicated leaders were there, and in support of the movement. As a young minister, who is willing to put his neck on the line for this, it was really comforting to know there is support like that.

It was wonderful being in an environment where I did not have to fear being criticized, shamed, or shunned because I’m gay.

The academic lectures were a highlight for me. Both the David Meyers lecture and the Jim Brownson lecture helped to understand and articulate things in a more concrete way. The information they gave is what people who are working through this issue are craving.

Just getting together is very powerful; so many of the people who came are in situations where they are not “out” about their own beliefs or being, so the biggest relief is not having to worry about slipping.

The music was particularly refreshing in its communication of the Gospel message of justice and full inclusion for all God’s people. We simply do not hear this enough in traditional worship music. Worship was inspiring, hopeful, nourishing, and full of praise and gratitude to God.

I loved the wonderfully inclusive music, the opportunity to hear stories, numerous educational opportunities.

A highlight for me was the positive power of people honestly and respectfully engaging and connecting.