I don’t go to church in my town because I never felt like I belonged, like I wouldn’t be accepted if the church members knew my true identity. But here, I belong. I have never felt so safe and welcome in a church, or even anywhere, before. Thank you, all!

There was such a welcoming, generous, joyful spirit!

Great humor and ability to move between inspiration, education, personal story, connection to the wider world, and exhortation.

People were intelligent and thoughtful; they have thought deeply about these issues and connected their experiences to research, biblical reflection, tradition and social science.

The high point for me was worship and being with others working toward the same goal.

I enjoyed the communal feeling of the opening service, with baptismal fonts available for everyone.

My favorite part was the conference as a whole – the fact of it! I learned a great deal, met wonderful people and felt the movement of the Holy Spirit.

As a straight ally, I loved feeling welcomed by the LGBTQ participants, meeting old friends and making new ones.

This conference taught me so much. It gave me hope and it renewed my faith. I was turning away from the church, because I didn’t feel like I belonged.

Renee House’s preaching and Rebecca Voelkel’s address.