The Kaleidoscope Turns

As RfA began planning for our 2017 national conference over a year ago, we were interested in the fact that each of us embodies a multiplicity of identities, and that those identities intersect — we are not just our racial and ethnic self, our gender, our sexual orientation, our interpersonal roles, our physical characteristics, and many more — you get the picture.

But specifically, we wanted to lift up the reality that LGBTQ people experience particular exclusion or oppression at those intersections, based on their sexual and gender identities.

We decided to focus on three of those intersections, exploring the ways that LGBTQ people of color, and/or LGBTQ people of faith, and/or LGBTQ youth, parents, and old people experience particular discrimination that more privileged hetero- and gender-normative people don’t.

Workshops were offered in each of those areas, along with a focus on how we might grow in our intersectional relationships and advocacy within the specific focus of RfA’s mission within the Reformed Church in America.

Opening Service

Concert & Keynote Address

Closing Service

“THE best conference yet!”

“Absolutely marvelous!”

“I can’t believe these conversations are happening in Holland, Michigan!”

“Superbly planned!”

“Closing worship was…a spiritual revival for me.”

  • “The facilities and the hospitality of Hope Church staff and volunteers was over-the-top! They worked, walked, baked, hugged and smiled their welcome – you couldn’t miss seeing that they took their role as hosts seriously and joyfully!”

  • “I am so grateful for Room for All and the faithful work of staff and board to continue to tell the story of all God’s people.”

  • “I was thoroughly impressed with the conference…it was renewing to my soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone at Hope Church and RfA!”

  • “Each conference seems to exceed expectations. What an excellent experience. Thank you so much for all of the hard work and all of the brilliance and talent you brought to share with this year’s attendees!”

To visually capture these ideas, we chose the image of a kaleidoscope, where shapes, colors and moving pieces intersect in ways that add complexity and beauty to the whole design, all of which depends on being turned toward the light. In worship, we lifted up what it means to “turn” in the light of Jesus Christ, and to celebrate our own intricacy and diversity as beloved people of God.

The results? The evaluations speaks for themselves!

We’re grateful to everyone who volunteered, who offered their leadership gifts, and who attended! We look forward to intersecting with you in the future!

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