For almost a year, a subcommittee of the Room for All board has been working with Paul Genzink at Parachute Productions on an exciting new video resource that seeks to respond to Reformed folk who are genuinely searching for a place to stand in the church’s conversations about same-sex relationships, and welcoming people of all sexual identities and gender expressions.  We’re in the final stages of that project, which will be available to view or download here on our website on March 1st, or for purchase as a DVD.

In the meantime, we’re pleased to reprint what Paul Genzink writes about the project on his website.

For the past 6 months our team has worked closely with a national organization, developing and writing materials that address major themes within the Reformed Church and how they relate with everyday social issues.  Most prominently we focused on, the debate over LGBTQ individuals and their inclusion and acceptance in the church.

We’ve written plenty of scripts and stories for clients in the past, but this project was unique in the manner that the content was very sensitive, rooted in centuries of doctrine, and something that we ourselves hadn’t sat down and critically thought about.

The finished product will be a 3-part resource including, what we are calling, modern day “Parables” followed by interview segments with pastors, professors, and all around intelligent people shining more light onto these themes and topped off with a series of discussion questions to be used in a small group setting.

Parachute Productions film shoot

On September 22 our crew wrapped production on the “Parable” pieces. The shoot itself was incredibly ambitious, but we really wouldn’t have it any other way.  After filming for a total of 26 hours over the course of 2 days, we captured content for 6 different short films, interacted with 15 different main actors, visited 5 different locations, incorporated a church congregation as extras shortly after their Sunday service, and featured a baby.

As we move into post production on these shorts, we are very proud of the work our crew did, of the subject matter that we are able to contribute to, and hopefully this will be a piece of the puzzle that will lead to more conversations on these issues.