Art Response ResultIf you attended “Making Room for All 2013” in October, or if you’ve visited Room for All’s Facebook page, you’ve seen the colorful collaborative art response that was created by conference participants and then brought together and painted into by artist Joel  Schoon-Tanis.  The result is a beautiful and inspiring representation of our collective vision of a church where all are truly welcome.

We’re delighted to now offer opportunities for you to purchase the original painting, which has been professionally framed according to the artist’s recommendation, or to order prints in various sizes, note cards or other objects that feature the art.

If you would like to purchase the original painting, RfA will conduct an online auction via our website.  We expect that we’ll be set up to begin accepting bids in the next few days – please keep checking!  The bidding will begin at $500, and any amount over $1,000 will be credited as a charitable contribution.  The first $10,000 bid will get you the painting immediately!  The framed painting is in the West Michigan area, and any packing and shipping costs will be the buyer’s responsibility.  Imagine this beautiful piece in your home, office, or in the gathering area of your welcoming & affirming church!

Orders for prints, note cards, mouse pads, mugs, magnets or other items are available though Lake Effect Digital Imaging Lab in Holland, MI (, 800-365-2376).  You may go to the website to shop, but orders must be placed by phone with Vicki Vander Kooi – please indicate that you want the Room for All painting on your selected items.  Please note that in order to make this opportunity as cost-effective for our supporters as possible, there is no mark-up; RfA will not receive any portion of the purchase price.  Also, thanks to Joel Schoon-Tanis, a special artist’s discount will apply to all orders!