The Room for All Board is grateful to all who have reached out to us since the 2012 General Synod meeting, particularly in response to Recommendation 56, regarding homosexuality.  Some continue to ask whether – and how – RfA’s ministry will change as a result.  We affirm that which we have already stated, that the mission and ministry of Room for All has not, and will not, change because of R-56.  To the contrary, our ministry of support, education and advocacy has markedly increased in the weeks following General Synod.  Thanks be to God!

We do, however, want to respond to those who have sent, or asked to know about, various congregational responses to R-56.  To that end, we have set up a new page on our website where we will share links to sermons, litanies, consistory statements and other resources.  We offer these without comment or evaluation here.  Please note that we do ask that you credit the authors.

We invite you to share any such resources with us.  If appropriate, we will add them to this page.