Board at SynodWhat a gift it was to have several members of the Room for All board present at General Synod 2014!  Graceful engagement was alive and well around delegate tables, dining tables, and certainly at the Lord’s table. There is much to celebrate!

1406_DSC03290A highlight was the lunch reception held at Second Reformed Church after Sunday worship. Over 100 people packed the room, sharing stories of hope and encouragement. It was a delight to introduce our new “Room for Me?” video in that setting, and to have it be met with such appreciation. Thanks to all who came!

But it must be said, Synod is also a time of frustration. We were particularly touched by one person who said, “I wish I had known about RfA a few years ago. It would have meant so much to my family.”  There are LGBTQ people and family members whose pain and isolation might be lessened by knowing that they’re not alone as they seek welcome and acceptance in the church.  In light of that, it is discouraging when our attempts to simply let the RCA community know that we exist are met with resistance and indirect complaints at Synod; discouraging, sad, and yes — rather silly.  We wonder when such measures as wearing signs on our backs will no longer be necessary.Back slapping

This is where you come in: Please spread the word about our ministry in any way possible — in coffee hour, in consistory, in small groups, in social media. Don’t assume that others in your classis know about us – they don’t. Don’t assume that there are no closeted LGBTQ people in your church – there are. Don’t assume that your help won’t make a difference – it will.  Together, we can widen the RCA’s welcome for all God’s people!