…of our response to the hard work, wonderful turnout, and generous contributions of time, talents and treasure that made the week of October 26 such a high point for Room for All.

The ballroom at The Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville, MI was full of supporters and guests who came out on October 28th to celebrate Room for All’s vision and mission. What a joy to tell our story, and to welcome Kathy Brownson, Rev. Billy Norden and Jeremy Bork, who added their own perspectives on the ways RfA has affected their lives.  Thanks, too, to Rev. Tom Goodhart for serving as the emcee for the evening, and to Rev. Kama Jongerius and Tom Folkert for their prayers. And most of all, thanks to Dr. Jane Dickie and her planning team for a beautiful evening. We’re working on editing the program video down to brief segments, and are excited to share them with you soon.

W. Michigan dinner

A few days later, members of RfA’s Board teamed up with current and alumni members of LEAP, a support group for LGBTQ student and allies who attend Northwestern College in Orange City, IA, to present a day-long symposium that included story-telling, Scripture engagement, and a review of current social science research about sexual orientation and same-sex relationships.  NWC students were joined by students from nearby Dordt College, along with local  community members.  It was a day of great joy and encouragement!  Thank you to presenters Matthew Vines and Dr. David Myers,  along with Deb Tiemens and Rev. Doug Shepler.  Thank you, too, to the LEAP members and their advisors.

As RfA prepares to celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2015, we’re humbled and amazed at the increasing number of RCA members who express gratitude for our mission of support, education and advocacy for the welcome and full affirmation of people of all sexual identities and gender expressions in the RCA.  Thanks be to God!