Giving TuesdayTomorrow’s been dubbed as “Giving Tuesday,” a “global day dedicated to giving back… to celebrate generosity and to give” to organizations or charities that represent your values.

The truth is, RfA’s supporters have already been very generous this year, and we’re grateful.  So we’re not jumping on the social media bandwagon for the day, but if you need an invitation to support our mission on Giving Tuesday or any day, here it is.

Why do we ask?  For starters, your support will ensure that our new Community Coordinator position is fully funded.  It will help us engage great speakers at our 10th anniversary celebration next October, and enable us to offer free conference registration to students, and travel help to those who need it.  We’d love to create more video resources, and our recent experience with students in Orange City, Iowa confirmed that offering events for students at RCA-affiliated campuses is an important affirmation that we want to continue.

If you’re not able to give financial support, there are other ways to help support our mission, especially at the local level.  Please let us put you in touch with an RfA regional group.  And no matter if, or how much you can give, know that we couldn’t offer this ministry without your prayers and your encouragement. Thank you!