Insight – perception into the heart of the matter.

That’s what we envision for outsights, RfA’s forum for ​​insights by people who identify as LGBTQ or allies. ​Informed reflections about ​sexuality, gender and faith, about Room for All’s mission and ministry, about RCA conversations and developments regarding sexuality. Insights through an “out” lens.

Opinions expressed are solely those of outsights contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Room for All.

Letting Go

I need to let go. Not give up. Just…let go. I was 30 years old when I first attended an inclusive worship service in 1989. I doubt the memory of that experience will ever fade. It hasn’t yet even though I’m nearly doubled in years. I wept. Uncontrollably. As hard as I tried to gather…


Giving Tuesday

Last week, two people I haven’t seen in some time contacted me. Both of them had very similar requests (purely coincidental). They each needed a member of the LGBTQIA community to interview for a school project. The first friend contacted me on behalf of their high-school aged child, who was completing an assignment for a…


And the rest

“…With Gilligan, the Skipper too, a millionaire and his wife, a movie star, the professor and Mary Ann, here on Gilligan’s Isle….” This list of names is, of course, a portion of the well-known theme song for the 1960’s show Gilligan’s Island. Something of a “sleeper classic,” the show featured a delightfully predictable premise: what…


A Roster of Ministers: Why?

Granted, RfA’s decision to launch a roster of welcoming and affirming RCA ministers might seem risky. We knew some might say the list only adds to the polarization that already exists in the RCA. So why did we do it? We offer three ways to answer that question, the most direct of which is, “Because…


What Kind of Difference is This?

Wes Granberg-Michaelson served as General Secretary of the Reformed Church in America for 17 years. We are honored to welcome him today as a guest writer for Outsights!     For about two decades in the RCA my goal was to foster a climate receptive to ongoing dialogue around contentious issues of human sexuality, creating…


Out on the Line

In my opinion and that of many others, General Synod 2016 was an unmitigated “train wreck” for LGBTQ Christians and their allies, and for the unity and ultimate fate of the RCA. For me, as I watched a steady stream of conservatives make their way to the microphones to insult our intelligence and knowledge of Scripture by reading…


A Note of Encouragment

The following was sent to Room for All from Rev. Dr. Norm and Mary Kansfield. Norm is a former president of New Brunswick Theological Seminary and former General Synod Professor of Theology. Mary continues to serve faithfully as Room for All’s historian and archivist. They are both founding board members of Room for All. Room…


General Synod Day 6

Today outsights welcomes RfA’s Executive Director, Marilyn Paarlberg, who, along with others, represented RfA at General Synod this year. Prayer After General Synod, 2016 (Based on “God of the Sparrow,” a hymn by Jaroslav Vajda. Tune: Roeder, by Carl Schalk. # 272 in Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs.) God of the lesbian, God of the gay, God…


General Synod Day 4

Today OUTsights welcomes guest blogger, Synod guest, and board member Deb Tiemens.     When Room for All asked for space in which to hold an inclusive worship service today (the first Sunday of General Synod), the request was denied.  We instead worshipped and celebrated in the great outdoors, regardless of the wind and uncertain elements.…