Same-sex marriage in the RCA – a resource for pastors & consistories.

The ABC’s of Sexuality – Rev. Stacey Midge offers a helpful list of terms associated with gender and sexuality.

Workshop summaries from the 2009 “Making Room for All” Conference

Clobber Texts & Texts of Promise – Bruce Cornwell and Lynn Japinga

Biblical Studies: Clobber Texts & Texts of Promise – Study Guide

A Reformed Orthodoxy of Inclusion: Theologically Making Room for All – Norman J. Kansfield

Six Factors Shaping the Bible’s Concerns Regarding Sexuality – Suggested by Norman J. Kansfield

The Christian Case for Gay Marriage – Dr. David Myers, Hope College Professor

Bridging the Gay-Evangelical Divide – Extreme opinions move toward the middle – Wall Street Journal

Christian Education and Youth Ministry that is Welcoming and Affirming – Rev. Adriene Thorne

Out of the Shadows and into the Light: Confessions of a Former Gay Basher – Miguel De LaTorre
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